Please include Blunt weapons to have some sort of 'Minion Melee Damage'

After seeing the new basetype Lucerne (a blunt weapon) I was keen to try it on a Manifest Armor setup due to the higher base damage and easier base crit to build into - a white Lucerne vs a Ranseur is approx 20-26% more base damage including attack speed loss - depending on armor shred

However you cannot roll ‘Minion Melee Damage’ or any sort of Minion affix on blunt weapons, every other type of weapon has some sort of affix - Swords can have Minion Spell/Melee and even Bows have Minion physical - which leads to a Ranseur still being overall better for now as the minion melee is quite big and you can stack more armor shred on the polearm

Mainly enquiring if this is an oversight for blunt weapons or a general reason for it to not roll any minion affixes. Thanks

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I don’t use blunt weapons, however I don’t see any reason why it should not have a minion physical or minion mele damage affix.
Has my vote.

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