Please implement a way for me to know when I'm taking damage while in a menu

The game has very big or fullscreen menus that take up most of the game space. That in combination with enemies seeming to aggro from way way way off screen means that even when I go out of my way get to a safe space to spec my skill points, I can still die to some random enemy aggroing from narnia.

My suggestion would be a damage indicator at the side of the screen (like a red effect) or just altogether closing the menu. Personally, even if its not on by default having a “auto close menus when attacked” settings option would be amazing for me.

I just lost a level 57 hardcore character because I got 3 skill points and figured I’d run deep into the boss room to spec them before starting the boss. When I closed the menu I found out my character was dead to an enemy that was offscreen when I starting speccing and it really killed my fun.

Although I’m not playing hardcore, I have had the same problem. Just the result wasn’t that frustrating for me.

Agree with your suggestion.

Also I want to add:
Typically mobs don’t aggro you for no reason (when you’re not in the arena). You’ve propably hit them with an ability or proc that can hit offscreen.

Some examples are the Sentinels throwing axes or the divine bolts in the paladin tree. These things fly around until they hit an obstacle and therefore can hit enemies far away. I’m currently playing a character with both of these procs and I notice that I can just barely find a save spot on a map to take a break and look at a menu.

Imho, all projectiles should have a maximum range cap to prevent this from happening.

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