Please help me to understand mana drain


My bladedancer built got severe mana problems. Now and then the orb gets pink, and I loose mama, regardless of using an attack or not. Is there some pasive doing that, or are there mobs draining mana? I have no idea how to fix that issue.

When you mana turns purple that means it goes into the negative.

You very likely have some kind of high mana cost skill, trigger/rpoc going on.

Withotu details we can’t help you find out what it is.

Enemies do not have mana drain.

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I use synchronized strike and then shadow cascade. That would be 62 + 15, according to popup. Got 88 mana, which is a bit low I assume, but still more than 77, and I use them with a small delay, so I even should regain some. Still, it falls several seconds after the attacks, which I can’t repeat while that phase.

You found your problem. Your skills are using all your mana with 1 attack. You do not gain that much mana back that fast. You may also be trigger other skills with those skills, which also may be using even more mana.

Had some more look. It seems the drain is only happening, when shades are there. Do they use my mana to, while standing there? Did not see that really in description. :shushing_face:

Do you use the skill node Hurricane of Blades. If so this is your problem as it uses 50 mana per second.

Not yet. Only lvl 32. But the shadows just stand there and do nothing, while I loose mana. Maybe they are usless at that level and I took them to early, Will remove dark allies for now. Maybe that helps.

Sorry but not much else I can think of right at this point.


Problem solved. It was DARK ALLIES. Uses 100% more mana and useless, because they do nothing it seems, if you got no mana. To make it useful, you may have to have a lot of mama left, to make the shaddows fight. So that is something for later.

That’s it. :grin:

Shadows are good with Umbral Blades. I play a Marksman but I am using Umbral Blades to the upper left where it is a sword that spins. The shadows become those blades when they expire or you throw another. It’s kinda neat and you can do it at lvl 32.

I am guessing they work with some of the other shadow strikes (like shadow daggers and cascades) as well…but I don’t use those as I am not melee.

Yes, plan was to use umbral blades. Actually, I lvl it. But I can’t use present, because it uses mana, and I’m helpless then without and can’t generate ward. But I try it now again, as mama situation seems to be better now.

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Also keep an eye out for Jewelry intrinsic affixes. The ones at the top. Those never change types for specific types of rings and necklaces, only the values change. There is one for Mana Regen and very useful until you get to ward thresholds. Set a filter if you need to once you know which one it is to recolor so you can find it easier. eg. Ward thresholds are Ivory Rings…never ever ever sell these or throw them away. But there is a type for Mana stuff.


Just a final status: Level 40 and a real killer now :heart_eyes:

I use 2 Gladiator’s Oath now and cinder strike. That arena mode is really nice :grinning: and mana consumption under control. But I decided to not use ward and go for live leach instead. Building ward is just to complicated with a haste melee built. Now I need to get resistances under control. Ty for all tipps.

Whatever build you do I would not recommend 2x Gladiator’s Oath. The only good thing about it is the 100% crit and maybe the area for Dancing Strikes. And to profit from the crit you only need 1.

It has incredible low base dmg. I would recommend using a Kris or Katana with crit multi and flat melee damage.

And when you have Gladiator’s Oath with LP try getting flat melee dmg on it, it is the only thing the item is missing.