Please, heavily buff minion movespeed

The number one issue when playing a minion build is that it is very easy to leave them behind, so easy in fact that you are basically forced to rapid tap the A key and wait for them. In addition they keep attacking enemies screens away from you so they may never actually decide to follow you.

I think that minions should 1: have a LOT more movespeed 2: teleport near you automatically if you go more than a screen away from them.


Thanks for the feedback.

We’ve a modest buff for the movement speed of minions planned for our next update. We’ll see how things feel after that and make further changes if necessary.


agreed that this will make minion builds feel a lot better… i currently use eterra’s path on my minion build along with lots of passives dedicated to minion speed and my skeles keep up decently but it does feel like a LOT more investment than non-minion builds have to put into movespeed.

glad to hear it’s already forthcoming :smile:

Yeah, having recently started a minion build, it’s a bit annoying to have them follow me then stop when a mob comes in range (they’re almost all ranged, very few melee) when I’d ideally like them to encircle me like a pack of over zealous angry bee bodyguards that fire fireballs.

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Minions need to be a wall in front of a player, not trailing behind.

It would resolve a lot of the “stop-start” nature of minion builds and greatly improve the flow of combat.

that’s also a good point, and while movespeed will help with it it’s more of an issue of tether distance… it seems that the AI is instructed to begin moving towards the player when they reach the outside bounds of the invisible tether (assuming they aren’t fighting something or haven’t been commanded to move/attack somewhere else). but then they stop moving when they reach the outer perimeter of the tether range, and if you haven’t commanded them they will often be out of range of enemies, leaving you vulnerable.

what i’d like to see is the ability to set each type of minion as “passive” (current behavior), “defensive” (closely tethered to the player, moving when you move and staying as close as their speed allows, only attacking things in range and not wandering off after strays), or “aggressive” (again moving along with the player, but with a longer tether and a sort of forward-tending–relative to the player–elliptical aggro-zone… my hope being that with enough investment in minion movespeed they would precede the player as they explore the zone and only break ranks to pursue stragglers if not commanded recently)

i feel that the current behavior is fine in a number of cases, but i think it would help diversify minion builds. some adjustments might need to be made to balance the power of such builds with these changes but i believe it’d be worth it for the QoL.


The speed may be an issue, but for me the most frustration comes from minion ai.
It feels like walking an unruly dog, one second you are not pressin A key, and they are all over the map.
I would suggest introducing some radius around player, which forces them stay inside.

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