Please give us a true hard difficulty mode

Thanks for explaining that. It’s better than what I first thought (not wearing boots), but still a bad solution. It’s a bad way to present the item in the first place. I made 2 characters since 1.0 and didn’t notice the area where the boots are with either. That’s because they made it almost impossible to find without looking it up; you need to break some random stalagmites which opens up a hidden path (which isn’t shown on your minimap). So there are going to be lots of people who play this game and want an extra challenge but have no knowledge of these boots existing.

I agree with what you said about the boot slot. Putting this in the boot slot unfairly hurts certain builds. There are currently 19 unique and 2 set boots in the game. They could of just started us off with 1 idol slot and made this into an idol. Wouldn’t of changed any other part of the game, since idols don’t even start dropping until you are given your first 4 idol slots. I guess you could now equip idols from other chars earlier, but still its no big deal, u can already boost your new chars by equipping other gear finds from other chars.

You’re spot on with this. And I get the argument others are making, that the devs don’t want people “bricking” their character. But there is a simple solution to this: Just have a choice in the settings to revert your character to normal difficulty (irreversably). So normal difficulty characters can’t choose to switch to hard, you can only start the game on hard. That gives the best of both worlds: an avenue for competitive players to test their skill and show off, and a way for players too in over their heads to off-ramp to an easier mode.

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I agree there shbould be a harder mode of play that doesn’t reset you back to regular mode when you die. SOme of us want to play a harder game bu not have the death penalty.
Its not a big ask.
The regular mode is far too easy and thus boring through A LOT OF CONTENT.
Let us not be bored. it wont be for everyone. But I’m sure I’m not much different than many people… if I get bored I play another game and this game is too much fun.
So please give us a hard mode.