Please allow more zoom or change camera angle for traveling north and south

The current camera angle causes the enemies to appear on screen so much closer when moving up and down compared to left and right. I’m playing a ranged caster and most times when I’m traveling north or south, the mobs are so close by the time I see them.

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That’s normal for all games that use this camera angle, it’s just how it works. Having the camera constantly change angles while you move would be crazy.

I don’t need the camera angle to constantly change, just adjusted so that when moving north and south, I can see mobs from farther away. Or simply allow us to zoom out more would work as well.

The angle would mean you would see less from left to right, and zooming out doesn’t change this angle. People ask for the camera to zoom out in every single ARPG since the genre started. It will always feel like this, it’s just how the camera angle works. Zooming out comes with major consequences including performance.

You can only complain to movie industry and monitor makers marketing that we have only wide or utra-wide monitors. 4:3 is long dead and 16:10 is not almost on market so we suffer when we are playing RTS or izo-ARPG … Sadly, camera rotation isn´t solution as I tested it in Grim Dawn and it wasn´t comfortable for many reasons.

I think that’s quite a personal view point since loved the camera being rotateable in Sacred 2 & used it a lot but didn’t use it in Grim Dawn.

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