Please add platinum arena key for 160 immediate access

80 is too low, thanks a lot

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I absolutely despise arena, but my only arena run in a while a few days back reaffirmed me, that the pure tedium of re doing the first 200-250 waves for a build that can handle 300+ is really demotivating for me.

The very dangerous thing here is: Where do you draw the line? If they add 160 waves, the next ones will demand a wave 200 key, then the next one will demand a wave 250 key.


I agree that there should be higher wave keys but given you can only get them from not dieing at the appropriate wave.

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then make the keys upgradable; you can upgrade key level at 50, 150, 200, 250, 300

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I would go along with an arena key upgrade path. 5 keys = 80 and 10 keys = 160 or a formula that EHG determines is fair. I have probably 200+ keys, but despise the arena for the very thing that heavy says

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Is that a bad thing though? If you’re wanting a key for higher arenas, it’s likely because your build can handle it. And like you said, it’s tedious when you’re going through waves you can just steamroll.

The problem is, if you at some point put the “highest” arena key so close to the top leaderboard, that you literally zerg through and maybe get some lucky waves and brute force yourself onto a high wave.

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or some kind of option/way to

  • start at % of highest cleared Wave

maybe 70 or 80 whatever, let them balance numbers

The upgrading idea would hypothetically work around that. Example:

If it takes 5 normal keys to go from 0 to 80 waves and say, 3 golden keys to go from 80 to 160, you could just upgrade to a golden key and use that key if you’re build isn’t strong enough for 160 even though you got lucky and cleared it on a previous run.

I think it’d be significantly simpler & less open to abuse to just have higher tier keys. If you could upgrade your normal keys to golden, then golden to a putative higher key, you wouldn’t need to run the higher waves & everybody would just start at the higher wave.

Sorry I should’ve explained more thoroughly. A player should ONLY gain access to combining keys for a higher tier key, IF they’ve cleared that threshold before.

Then that makes it an unlock & the higher tier keys are irrelevant & only serve to clog up your stash. I’d probably prefer it as an unlock, every X waves you unlock a lower wave that you can start on (so you get to wave 100 & can start on wave 50, wave 150 unlocks wave 100, wave 200 unlocks wave 150, etc). No additional keys required.


That would work as well. I agree that combining to get new keys would be an unnecessary, tedious process. However EHG has already implemented golden keys, so a logical progression of that would be implementing more higher tier keys. It will be interesting to see where they go with it.

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100% agree with this just vendor him for a upgraded key. At one point I had a whole stash tab full of normal keys

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