Please add an instacast node to the Devouring Orb tree

Devouring Orb is a strong and fun skill, especially with the Dark Moon mobility-oriented branch. But as my grandpa would say “that boy’s got a hitch in his gitalong” every 4 seconds when it recasts. The jerkiness is especially jarring after playing an auto-Maelstrom Shaman which has a similar playstyle and does offer an instacasting node to remove the hitch.

Please add a node near Sightless Star to remove the casting time completely.

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Would be awesome.

As much as I would love this, I believe they want to redesign skills that are often autocasted like they did with Flame Ward in 0.7.8.

I can see them either going the Flame Ward route or Static route with Devouring Orb.

I think devouring orb is more akin to Sigils of Hope than Flame Ward or Static Route.

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