Please add a Roll or Dash feature

Hey. I’m loving the game so far, well done devs, it’s clear you’ve put your heart and soul into this.

The only thing I’m missing so far is a roll or dash option.

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rogue has shift skill

I hardly agree. It feels like a staple in arpg.

You mean a staple that barely any ARPG has?

What I’m talking about isn’t a skill that you add to your skill bar but instead a separate key (spacebar is common) that makes you either roll or dash.
D4 has it and POE2 will have it. I think it would add an extra layer of enjoyment to the combat.

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Every class has multiple options for this. Aside from the basic movement skill, skills like Summon Skeleton Mage can be turned into a mobility skill with the skills passives.

This game does not need a dodge/roll, the bosses are extremely well designed around the current movement system.

The whole game would need to be remade around it. So no

Diablo is specifically designed for it and honestly. It’s still super unnecessary. It’s more of a vibes thing which seems to be a big deal for a lot of people right now. A lot of people are copying it now cause they want to attract that audience. Not cause their game actually needs it

I can’t believe how defensive the community is here regarding suggestions like this. Spacebar dodge feels great in D4 and I’m really missing it in LE. Sure, there are mobility skills, but that’s not that same thing as a simple evade/dodge ability. You should all be a bit more considerate of suggestions for positive improvements in this game.

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