Playing on Junk Computer

Quick question, is there any tricks we can do, other than setting graphics to lowest, to get better performance on a crappy PC? Long story short I moved last year and still don’t have my gaming PC so I have to play on my work laptop. I was surprised in Poe Affliction league that I was able to make it to red maps, though fps was pretty low. I booted up LE last night to make sure I’ll be able to play Wednesday and was surprised to see that my laptop was struggling more than it was with PoE. I got through the new first chapter (which was great by the way, a million times more fun than the previous start of the game) but it was rough. 5-10 fps and even the sound was jittery and laggy. I’m worried I won’t be able to play at all since graphics are getting a boost in 1.0. Over the years PoE players figured out ways to edit the music files and do other things to help performance so I was wondering if there was anything like that in LE beyond turning graphics to lowest.

I would wait till weds as there are improvements coming apparently, so will be much easier to troubleshoot then i think. :+1: