Played the game back in 2020 during beta. Is it worth checking it out again?

What changed?
Are 2 only endgame systems are still monolith and arena that’s boring af? How grindy is to get a gg gear, how is the variety of classes/builds that perform well on the cutting edge of engame?
How long does it take to get to the endgame for a grinder?
Ah, yes, is there any form of pvp in the game now?

Just an FYI. it’s still in Beta.

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-In endgame there’s also dungeons, otherwise that’s it.
-It’s pretty easy to get good enough gear for empowered monos, it’s quite grindy to get gg gear, it’s very very very grindy to get BiS gear.
-The variety, in the opinion of a player that started out a few months ago, is pretty good. It depends on what you consider endgame, really, but pretty much all classes have some build that can reach 200-300 corruption in monos, which continues to be the main endgame activity. There are also new classes since then and some really cool skills like runic invocation.
-Again, it depends on what you consider endgame. If you want 500+ corruption, or even 1k+, it might take a while and not every build will get there.
-No PVP yet, I think it’s planned for post-1.0, meaning it won’t be there when the game officially releases in February.


Depending on when you played in 2020 the Monolith of Fate received multiple small or big overhauls. It is still the core endgame system, but you have a lot of choices and different things to do within the Monolith.

Currently skill points are the most important factor for builds strength and those cap out at level 75/76. At this point your build will be shaped up pretty well already and you have ~60-70% of your builds power. Everything beyond that will be the gear upgrades and passives, which will give you the rest 20-30%.

Getting to 90% power ceiling will not be that grindy, I woudl say 20-30 hours of gameplay.
But getting those last 10% is what will be grindy, but its not really necessary, as there is not content that requires that.

I personally think its great, you can basically do everything you want which literally every build, class, mastery, skill.

There are a couple of builds that are in different ballparks then alot of the medicore builds, but you don’t really have to play these.

Story is rougly 3-5 hours with all passives and idols slots.
Normal monolith will take another ~3-4 hours to get to empowered, which you coudl call endgame already.

Within empowered there is infinite scaling, but I woudl say 200-300 corruption is what you should aim for if you have aspirational goals. which probably takes another 5-10 hours, depending on your builds power.

So lets say 15-20 hours, but for the last few hours you are already kinda in the endgame, it jsut depends on how far you personally want to push it.

Not in the game (yet). It is still not off the table for the devs, but not for 1.0 and not for the foreseeable future beyond 1.0

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