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Plans to keep the game from going stale?

Hello all,

In being eager to see how things end up by launch, I find myself curious about the foreseeable future. Let me explain. So far we see base classes that have a few skills in their kit that then lead to more skills being available once you ascend. All skills will eventually have their own skill tree. Ok, we all understand that, but after the game has been around some time and we start to see future expansions/updates will there be more abilities eventually added?

I ask this because it concerns me about the overall replay ability of the game. How will Last Epoch keep things fresh and keep from going stale? What we’ve seen in current genre titles like POE is that they try to always implement new abilities into the game with patch updates. Now you could argue that D3 does not do the same and people are still playing it, but their current design seems to only be the inflation of output damage numbers.

I’d just really like some insight into the current/future plans for this. Whether it is that new abilities will eventually be added or new ability mutators will be added to current trees or unique gear that will drop that essentially changes ability mechanics or new classes? Any feedback at this time would be much appreciated. So far Last Epoch shows a lot of promise and I hope it can deliver. Thank you.

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