Planned Forum Downtime 12/09/2023

Hello Travelers!

The Forums are going to be down for approximately 30 minutes tomorrow at 02:00 AM CT for a planned upgrade. This Downtime will bring back everyone’s supporter badges to the Forums! Thank you for your support, and have a great weekend Travelers!


We love that!

Wouldn’t 12th September 23 be in the past? Shouldn’t you have mentioned this~3 months ago?

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He used the admittedly nonchronological American date format. For public consumption I also do that, but for personal use I would go with 20231209 since it follows the pattern of numbers (and clock times) getting more specific left to right.

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On a more serious note, though, I hope that important announcements like cycle date starts will have not only both formats but also more time zones, like GMT, so people all over the world can figure out when it starts for them without having to go to some site and do conversions.

2023120902000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ?

a plugin will be included that shows the start time of the add-on for your time zone, as they did before. Although I think a separate page with a timer will be delivered for release…

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Something like PoE, then? That’s good enough. As long as it’s not like it was with D3 where they would only announce PST times and we would have to try to calculate/guess when that was locally.

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Whenever they’ve posted dates/times in the past they’ve done it so that your browser shows it in your local time. It’s just because Kain put it in the thread title that it didn’t do that.

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I was wondering what happened to forum badges, I just assumed it was an intentional change.

Was pretty funny in the past though seeing some people with like 10 different userbars from the kickstarter.