Pious Offering and Crushing Blows

Greetings. This is a question for the other Judgment DoT paladins out there:
Did anybody test out whether or not these two nodes work together?
Pious Offering states that the percentage of current mana is consumed, whereas Crushing Blows - at full 6 point investment - will give you 6% increase damage per 1 mana cost of a melee(/throwing) skill, which Judgment technically is tagged for.
My question revolves around the consumed mana being counted as mana cost or if this is a separate mechanic that is not considered as the mana cost of Judgment.
Would be a little insane, to gain 900% increased damage at 300 mana.
Any answers are very appreciated. Cheers!

I haven’t tested this interaction, but thank you for pointing it out because I’m assuming it would interact and be beneficial. My Judgement Paladin is hit-based, but hopefully the interaction would work for hit or dot builds.

This is how it works afaik. The higher the cost the more dmg it does. So if you have 300 Mana and use all of it it’s 900%.
Worst case the base mana cost is substracted befor using the rest of the additional mana spend.

Alright, I figured that I’d just check it out. But sadly it seems to be as Macknum said for the worst case. Training dummy damage when from 16751 to 17530 per tick with all 6 points invested vs same tree without it. No buffs or anything and same mana pool. With my Judgment costing 23 mana, which would translate into 69% increased damage. And the number look a lot like that’s probably more likely.
Well, it was worth the try!

Yeah, IIRC Crushing Blows uses just a skills base cost (plus modifiers). Pious Offering applies after and independent of the skill’s cost but factors in the base cost. So, increasing base cost via modifiers affects Pious Offering. But increasing skill cost via Pious Offering doesn’t apply to other mechanics that are based on skill cost. I hope my explanation isn’t too confusing.


What about the node in Javelin that reduce mama cost of next melee attack? Will it reduce damage increment from Crushing Blows? (Because it makes Judgement cost less mana)

Sorry, no idea, I haven’t tested that case. Based on its wording and the way the modifier is presented I’d assume that it is a generic (global) base cost modifier and therefore would affect Crushing Blows. But don’t quote me on that.

I would assume the same thing, since the Javelin node alters the base cost of the next skill.

In other news: I just tested whether the Void Knight node Patient Doom works with the consecrated ground/aura effect, and it actually increases the damage for it. And since Judgment isn’t used more than once every 3 seconds, we would always benefit from this 150% increase. (sorry for going off topic)