Pinnacle Content Poll Results

I guess you didn’t look at the numbers in the survey then if you think that ~30 odd people are the “quiet majority” while 5-10k are the “vocal minority”.

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Thankful for what? Giving me what I paid for? EHG is a company and a company tries to make as much money as possible and that is the #1 primary goal of a company, money. Yes, you are indeed very much entitled to receive what you spent money on, that is how the world works, that’s called a “service”, you give money and then you receive service.

Entitlement is not a negative thing and the silver bullet against every argument, because you are entitled to many things

This is very dishonest towards EHG.

While EHG does want to make money and grow, this is not their primary goal.
If that would have been the primary goal they would have done many many decisions in the past very differently.

Their primary goal always was to deliver the best arpg possible.

EHG has made many decisions based on community feedback.
Some decisions however they also did despite community feedback.

But regardless if you are a longtime follower of the game or relatively new.
I don’t know how one could think that EHG is giving you the feeling to make the most money possible.

They waited years until they released their MTX shop. It was released in the last update before 1.0 (0.9.2) in a very minimal version to receive feedback.
They received feedback and adjusted. Now they are slowly rolling out more things.

If they would want to make as much moeny as possible they would have released MTX for as muc hthigns as possible as fast as possible. Which they didn’t.

They would never made so good looking 3D models, to incentivice MTX purchases.

They would not implement transmogrification as a baseline feature and would put it behind MTX.

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What are you even ranting about?
You either bought the game in early access or on release.
If you haven’t realized… The game is already a completed product and they could charge for any content updates they do from here on out and call it DLC.
But instead you’re getting the content for free and you’re here complaining about waiting 1 week at maximum.

Unfortunately I can’t write it out with crayons for you… but feeling entitled to something that you didn’t pay for or earn is where the negative connotation comes from!

What you have posted here is called “Entitlement” and unfortunately you are wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In case you forgot, here is what you bought and received already!

Buying Last Epoch through Steam gets you the Ardent Gladiator Supporter Pack:

  • Access to Last Epoch Beta and Full Release (Beta will be live until full release)
  • Juvenille Skullen cosmetic companion to follow you around through the world of Eterra
  • Ardent Gladiator forum badge showing your early support
  • 350 Cosmetic Coins to purchase in-game cosmetic items at release
  • Full digital soundtrack at release

Last Epoch full release was on February 21, 2024!



Meanwhile you’re getting some content for free and not paying

Better yet offline mode might be where you belong! LOL

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I would like to remind people that these polls are wrong because of a different reason. This vote is based on people who have not quit the game, aka the 1-3% of players. 97% of players found the game boring which means they are neither playing nor voting.

@EHGMIKE, you all legitimately found the worst time to do a poll as this poll was deliberately done by you all now so that you got back what you wanted to hear, as 97% of players would never be fine with this. Your just making this game worse.

If you pull numbers out of your magic hat, you could at least try to make them seem legitimate.

You have no clue how many people play or played the game at that time.
You also don’t know what people did “quit” (or took a break), but still follow the game and its news.

The poll had 15180 responses. The game is sold at least 1million times as far as we know.
Regardless of how you do these kind of polls, but it will always be only a tiny fraction of the playerbase responding to such polls.

Also accusing EHG of doing this at a specific time to reinforce what they want to hear is beyond malicious from you. You don’t know that and with EHG and its history with the community it is beyond me why anybody would think that.
It is ok if you disagree with certain behaviorus of methods, but doing such claims completely makes you not trustworthy.

Properly articulating your concerns without accusations would be a lot more effective.

Honestly I don’t understand what you are doing, you do some pretty constructive suggestions in the forums every now and then and then your other posts and threads are just conspiracy, drama and accusations.


The devs decided to do a poll for this at the end of a season where no one is paying attention and to do it on a forum where only the most dedicated players visit.

This is enough proof that the poll is rigged, as your trying to make a sample size of the 1-3% players. If I go into a bar of all PETA activists and poll what I think laws on animal cruelty should be, then I am knowingly and deliberately washing the numbers to get what I want. This is basically statistic101 we even learned in grade 9 stats.

I appreciate you find some of my posts to be helpful as I try to provide useful feedback. But that also means calling out badly done practices

They very likely didn’t had enough informations ready earlier.
Also thiis poll was spread on all social platforms, including X, Discord, Facebook, Steam etc.

You will never reach all players, even when you do it ingame.

You misunderstood this… again. Same as last time.
It is not about what you criticize, but the way how you do it.

Seems like you don’t try to learn at all, or mabye you are just unable to, I don’t know.


I’m not entirely convinced that you did that.

Not everyone is out to get you, not everything is a shadowy conspiracy by malign forces out to do Bad Things ™.


also having anti cheat on offline mode is like having ski resort in Sahara desert, absolutely pointless because it is not gonna survive the night


so a group will kill it removing all point to this

Empryians group from PoE will just play a 4 man optimised boss kill party that has infinite ward gen and a carry

Unless you add lame 1 shot mechanics that ignore ehp totally (which just punishes solo players) this is going to get steamrolled by a group

My vote is to remove party play vs the boss for the first week to keep the integrity. fyi when PoE does their first boss kills they are done in SSF leagues to avoid this crap


Ya I already said that.

Why I said if anyone wants to commit to it, we will roll 4 paladins day 0 and just kill the boss within first 8 hours if we can. Problem solved

Good point about group.
I hope dat EHG will nerf ward pumping paladins and other broken stuff to keep old meta at bay

Whoa, there are really a lot of people, or at least a lot loud people, that want start the new cycle with their old character to just destroy the new boss in 5 mins and be pleased with their self , and than quit again the game, guess why the devs and the majority of the player make the decision to wait a week utile the full release of the pinnacle boss, yes, to try to let the people play again the game for more than a couple of hours

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Hopefully thatwill be tweaked out as it’s unhealthy for the game, as you say.

Yeah, if they’re not pushing it out to offline/legacy, that’s fair.

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Eat it. And how do you know that later down the road EHG isn’t going make cosmetics available to offline players as well. You’re dancing on excuses to justify your superiority complex. Get over yourself.

Time to hop back in maybe even though I am a day late!