Ping to server reporting incorrectly

Just a quick note to say that I have noticed a discrepancy in the ping figures shown in the UI.

I play from South Africa via 200mbit fibre to the ISP & gbit ethernet locally (i.e. no wifi) and the game always selects EU West servers as online.

Ping times are reported by LE in the region of 160ms+ sometimes as high as 200. This is expected - obviously physics ( specifically the physical distance) plays the deciding factor here and generally the best ping anyone from SA can get to Europe is around the 160ms mark doing anything. So this is all normal.

However, occassionally when playing, the ping will drop down into less than 40ms - which would be impossible (again physics) with servers in Europe from where I am.

When this happens in game, the game behaves more like the ping has actually increased to well over 200ms. i.e. lag, rubberbanding etc.

So it seems to me that the game is reporting incorrect values when the ping exceeds a certain level.

Unfortunately I dont have a log from a session when this occured, but will add if I notice it again.


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