Pillars obstructing vision

I have some issues with pillars in this game.

Issue 1: some pillars don’t turn invisible when your character is behind it. It’s pretty self explanatory and it’s really annoying as it completely blocks your vision.
Example: https://imgur.com/a/kJiOJM3

Issue 2: most pillars do turn invisible when your character is behind it, but they don’t turn invisible when there are monsters behind it. Sometimes there are monsters behind those pillars and I can’t see their attacks.
Example: pillars in Heorot’s Arena https://imgur.com/a/WNcA5NB

I don’t really know the solution but probably make the pillars thinner? You probably can set rules that pillars must not be bigger than x% of a monster’s model.


Oh, may look a bit weird, I guess :face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing:

Other game make a shape of the enemy model appear that is visible through the environment. Its like infrared vision.

There are many places where the fading of obstacles that block you vision does not happen or happens very late. I agree, this needs a overhaul.

I don’t really know if it helps to post screenshots of these locations or if these places are easy to find by the devs in their lvl editor.

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