Pillager's Gold bugged

The item is supposed to give 1 flat damage to Burning Daggers per 2% increased chance to find potions. When equipping an item with 80% increased chance to find potions, the tooltip for Burning Daggers does increase.

However, testing at the dummy, this is clearly not the case. 40 extra flat damage would be instantly noticeable but the numbers are very very similar with or without the extra chance to find potions.

It appears Burning Daggers from Cinder Strike’s Firebreathing node do not receive the benefit, while Burning Daggers from other sources do.
We’ll work on a fix. Thanks for the report!

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Yep, seems to not be working at all. I am experiencing the same.

Think there might be a little more to this. Had no belt do around 80 dmg. A belt that had 95% find chance still do around 80. And a scavenger belt with 113% do over 300 dmg. Seems like the affix on belts don’t work properly for this either. The exalted affix find potions isn’t working on the character sheet.

also is it better to reply to you on here, or ping you in the CT server?

You’re right, there’s a second bug at play here as well. We’ve identified the issue there and will fix that too.
Either way of contacting is fine.

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