Pillager's Gold buff

I really like the idea of the Pillager’s Gold item because burning daggers are super fun. However, I think this item misses the mark a bit on making them a viable primary damage source.

The main issue is that the “+1 throwing fire damage to burning dagger per 2% increased chance to find potions” unique affix is not very impactful. First, flat throwing damage is in abundance for Rogue. You get stacking fire throwing damage from Oil Coating, which you’re most likely using already if you’re doing a burning daggers build. Additionally, there are many places on gear to stack flat throwing damage, most of which also conflict with chance to find potions. If you’re using any other throwing skill you’d be better off taking the generic throwing damage over the chance to find potions in almost all cases. It really seems like this item was created before chance to find potions was removed from the ring slot and was not adjusted for that change.

I propose the unique affix be changes to “1% more damage with burning daggers per x% increased chance to find potions”. I believe the current theoretical maximum for increased chance to find potions is 460% (all maximum rolls - 120% T7 chance + 80% T7 experimental traversal on a 120% Scavenger belt, and 140% from the amulet slot). Burning daggers can currently only get a measly 50% more damage from the Cinder Strike tree, so if we made x somewhere from 5-10 then the more damage bonus would be 92% - 46%, which I think is pretty reasonable for a skill like burning daggers.

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