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Physical Spells?

Hi there, just found an Orichirians Petals relic on my bladedancer…if all my rogue skills are considered “physical spells” then this thing is one bad muthamutha! If not, well then, WTF is it for (class)? lol ty!

The Rogue only has 1 spell (Shift). If you hover over a skill you can see in blue what tags the skill has. To benefit from that relic a skill needs to have both the “physical” & “spell” tags.

Boo! ok ty

If you create a level 1 acolyte, the level 1 skill, “blood rip” is “physical” and “spell” and will work with the relic.
If they add warlock to acolyte, me is sure, there will be some mastery physical spells on him.

But as relic, it is mostly designed for primealist, druid or shaman build.

Appreciate the info