Philosophy Feedback: Necromancer

(Yes, it’s another post about the necromancer, no i don’t have an obsession)
Are we evil? (by we, I mean, necromancers) based on what we are told in game by our ‘heroes’ albeit generic life choices, the common answer is no. the player character enters the world on rails, and generally makes decisions to the benefit of the other human inhabitants of the world (which is important, since the vast majority of enemies are non humans, or transformed/ mind controlled humans)

From what we know of the acolyte personally, she had certain ‘philosophical’ disagreements with her mentor, the Mage, who was attempting to constrain her to a strict morality, which had the perhaps intentional side effect of denying her power. finding this displeasing to her, she leaves the mages tutelage after stealing forbidden knowledge and goes off in search of more power, enter the game timeline where we go “on rails”.

Some things that seem to be a conflict of interest to the Acolyte (and by extension the necromancer) is, why does she summon entities which act against her interest? like, if she is capable of summoning dread and infernal shades, entities which by their titles, we assume are malevolent (which is then shown by them hurting her stuff), then shouldn’t she also be capable of summoning benevolent shades? and if the in universe canon answer is “no, there are no benevolent shades.” then doesn’t that mean that the necromancer has purposefully aligned herself with evil? if this is the case, why does she help the people of Etera? Her initial goal is admittedly self serving, so why does that change? i understand it would require a lot of resources to customize the story for each character class (even if you only did it for base classes) but it seems like the Acolyte/ Necromancer is acting against her own interests by both prioritizing counterproductive sources of power, and then using that power for the benefit of others.

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