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Phew thats a lotta jobs at EHG

Dont see “Chief Bottle Washer” so I dont qualify for anything… Oh well… next time…


Does this indicate that the team is growing quickly enough for us to anticipate content updates becoming much more consistent and substantial?

I’d love to see this game really take off and keep growing over time with new content, skills, etc to keep it fresh.

No idea… but Judd did say they have been growing the team since the outside investments so I would guess they are ramping up to get more things happening… not sure about quicker…

on the content updates - they did explain why they moved to a longer dev cycle in the dev blogs… tldr - they can get more done if they dont have to go through the extended release process every 3 months… and creating a single version to maintain should speed things up in the future…

some new content would be awesome, long time no stuff, also i miss the endgame content zzzz