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Phasing through void crystal and invisible barrier

Whilst streaming the game again today I encountered two bugs.

One where I could phase through a purple void crystal that spawned a mob; And another where an invisible barrier stopped my attacks from going as far as they should have (this also affects monsters attacks)

Please see my stream vod (mixer) for a video example:

46min - phase bug

1hr 35min and 1hr 49min - Invisable barrier that effects both me and the enemy (second time frame is enemy example). This could easily be used as an exploit.

I’m playing windowed, medium settings and have two monitors.

Nivdia 1060 oc 3gb, i5-7400, 16gb ram, z270 motherboard (I think).

I stream on Mixer (FTL) with OBS at 720p, 30fps. Main monitor is 1080p, second is 720p.

Thanks for the reports!

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