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Pets - good non pay2win function

A good way of making some devs getting some more money from players without any shady tactics would be to have all pets function to pick up Shards & Glyphs.
If pets were to cost lets say
5 $ ( for pets with default skin )
8 $ ( for pets with special/shining skin or some kind of aura around them )
12 $ ( for all 3 above & special limited time/unique pets )

I think this would be fair play, and it would not make game feel pay2win or anything like that.
Selling such advantage as item pick up should not be an issue.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’ve discussed pets having some interaction with loot - we feel that this is either borderline Pay To Win, or at the very least Pay For Convenience in a way not becoming of a Buy To Play game such as Last Epoch. During that discussion we also discussed the possibility of giving people 1 - 2 free pets to balance things out. Our decision was that this would be quite immersion breaking and would be increasing our workload to force the idea to work. We’ll probably keep pets as being purely cosmetic - we think that’s the fairest option.


No, i like your idea with giving players free pets from start, every character could start with 1 pet by default.
This is brilliant idea.
This way you can add more expensive pets, but with better looking skins and visual effects.
It would be best if this kind of features/changes would be implemented soon as possible to avoid any backfire when players start saying how greedy you became suddenly.

I suggest that you release a pool about this, and other further changes & features.
Allow players who support the game to decide, this way you can say it was players decision and not yours.

Why not just auto-pickup those (with your character) and you’re fine, don’t know why you would need a pet for it to be honest. Next thing would be paying for stash tabs, slippery slope and all. Keep 'em purely cosmetic.

Well done. I am proud of EHG’s focus to be buy-to-play vs P2W monetization. I’ve given GGG hundreds of dollars at this point over the years on cosmetics. This is partially because their fun and partially because their focus on making a good game first and avoid shady P2W cash grabs has motivated me that someone is actually trying to make a good game as a priority instead of trying to make money as a priority by making games.


Thanks for the kind words!

They’ve certainly been a big influence on us. I haven’t met any of GGG’s staff in person, but I’m friends with a couple on Discord and there’s a few others I regularly send forum PMs to exchange cat pics discuss serious topics of conversation.

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Diablo 3 give out free pets. (just give is a puppy, because everyone love puppies), that pick up Gold. It isn’t rocket science.

You an have paid pets (but for love of Jesus, please don’t follow PoE abusrd price model that required you to sell your kidney) that just do the same.

While I am with Sarno here that pets should be cosmetics only, giving out a simple and free pet to all players does sound better option. Pets would still be cosmetics and free pets would incentivise cosmetic options.

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