Petition to make focus a passive ability like holy aura/enchant weapon

Focus, in my opinion, is the most unfun way to regenerate mana I have ever experienced and it only gets worse the more mana you have. Setting aside the fact that there are too few ways(passive tree and gear) to properly influence mana regen enough to play most sorcerer builds without it feeling clunky. I believe a good fix would be to make focus a passive ability that regenerates your mana if it is on your skill bar. I would also like if the specialization nodes also worked passively like holy aura and had a boosted effect if activated. That is just how I feel. Anyone think that could be a good fix for the glaring mana issues?

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I agree that Focus is in a really bad state and has been since the last rework, which was years ago. I don’t think turning it into a passive skill will fix it. I do think giving is a substantially stronger scaler with max mana will.

also “more” mana regen instead of “increased” would help

I like it fine. Fundamentally, I don’t think you could do much to change it. It’s already pretty strong.

Sorcs do a lot of burst damg, really fast then can put a lot out! Making Focus passive, IMO would make the whole class OP. Waiting a few seconds for mana to refill is part of the trade off IMO. If it were passive, just kiting around would refill it. IT would be just like infinite mana at that point.

I remember in MMOs, as a caster, having to sit for like 30 seconds + just to refill all the mana lol! That’s not here nor there, but waiting for mana is part of the game. For a reason too. Sorcs do big damg! it’s their throttle.

I love that you can cast flame shield with it! Also noticed you can pick up items while channeling. One more thing I would like to say, to make it a little more viable, is being able to cast Snap Freeze while Focusing. IK, IK almost no one uses that. But it’s a good defensive skill that would fit perfectly together.

I would like at least to have more options to get Mana like Mana on hit / Mana leech / Mana efficiency as an affixe as i agree with OP.

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I love the current Focus, when speccing in it.

I’ll agree that it is incredibly lackluster when not specced, though.

I love that mana is a ressource you need to control and care about. I love the restrictions that come with mana spend vs mana reg. I go as far and call it a feature and said feature dirves people to use their brain while building a toon and playing.

It’s a big win for the game and I’m completely againt making it more easy to reg mana because we are already in a good place.


You have my support…even with very decent mana regeneration alot of mage builds absolutely guzzle mana and nothing kills momentum like Focus.

BTW just something I forgot to mention! I’m all for lazy build possibilitys and optional passive builds with only one or two actives. Sometimes I’m lazy af and would like something like that for braindead content up untill empowered monos.

Hmm getting a passive and place it like a skill on the skill bars feels very strange. Not a good design choice i think. I think it is better increase mana reg or decrease mana costs