Pet unspawned and unable to respawn

Using unspecialized Primal Sabertooth in the Welryn Storeroom when it got far away so used command to bring it back to me. It did not come and instead its health kept going down as if it was in combat.
After it despawned, I only have the option to use its Flurry Swipes ability rather than resummoning.
Portaling to town does not fix the issue.
Removing the skill from the task bar and putting it back DID fix the issue.

It got stuck on terrain/obstacles while trying to path back to you.
I’ve had that with both wolves and sabers. I ran back to find them and they were running in place against a box.
There have been issues with dead pets (though it does usually refresh the attack skill back to the summon skill after a while) and pets + portals (pets left behind at town) for a while.
It’ll get fixed eventually. : /

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