Pet collect gold

Just thought that it would be nice to have a pet that collects up the gold for you as you’re playing the game. Just an idea… And maybe the runes too.


I believe there was mention of this already they have no plans on adding this.

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I believe adding some type of functionality to a pet which is purchased with real money, could be considered “pay 2 win” by some. So I think it’s a good call not to collect gold unless pets are obtained in game as drops or rewards.

EHg already said they don’t want this but if it would happen it would be obtainable ingame for everyone.


they really need to add this, clicking individual gold on the ground is tedious and crappy

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That would just turn the game into a Running Around with Your Pet Collecting Gold Simulator™. Don’t believe me, just search for other threads already suggesting this. Apparently, having a pet auto-collect gold completely breaks the game play cycle, and after a while, you stop having to do anything in the game at-all, other than run around while your pet collects cashy monies!

Edit: yes, I think it’s stupid reasoning as well. Running around to pick up gold(and runes) from the mob that died behind you isn’t fun, or immersive, in the slightest.

But you don’t need to click on gold to pick it up.

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