Pet AI and blessing system feedback


Overall I must say i’m quite happy with the game. Generally a huge fan of the ARPG genre. Therefor i was excited when I heard about your 0.9 release.

Which has accumilated to around 100 hours played on 3 different chars;

70 Beastmaster (homebrewed build)

82 Spellblade (Fire aura, surge/lightning conversion)

92 Necromancer (Golemancer 1 big guy)

Two things I believe can be smoothened for the future release.

A) It would be nice if the blessings were account bound, rather than char bound. Just feels dull having to do that grind multiple times. Its already a grindy game, which I in no way mind. Got 40/40 challenges in PoE(just to put things into perspective)

However the personal blessings just feels like an unnessecary grind. I get the buffs can vary alot depending on spec. But maybe add those multiple choice later and not from the start.

A solution to the blessing situation could be;
You start your alt with same blessings from another char.
But if you change your blessing after reaching corruption level it then gets locked char wise. To fulfill what I believe is its purpose of different layers of buffs for the desired char.

B) I really disliked the AI on pets.

They are a mess. I stopped counting the 1st day on the beastmaster how many times they lost DPS due to what I would asume to be faulty coding. On the beastmaster I could live with it, since it wasn’t my main source of DPS.
Sadly this wasn’t the case for the necromancer its just very frustrating. It felt like I had to constantly press “A” → pet attack in order to have any decent attack order. If I didn’t keep my golem on a tight leash it would just run thru mobs and attack in NO particular order. Often it charged thru packs to get a single minion just to run back again…

Eventually after almost a week of this i gave up and quit the necro. Sadly because I’ve always played alot of necro and summoners in general. Its not worth my time playing a golem build where I 3-4 times pr map experience the sequence mentioned above.

I’m not big on coding myself. However My assumption is that blood spatter + pet control + AI regular control just doesn’t compliment eachother and its clear that one of them ranks higher than the others. So it seems as if the pet is getting to many inputs for it to handle. Its more confused at times than a politician doing an honest days work xDDD

I’m still hopeful for the future of this game and will check in at a later timer.
But for now the pet thingie broke my motivation.

Best regards

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