Personal suggestion 个人建议

The following is a machine flip:

First of all, I don’t know English

  1. After adding new peak content, I hope to add a limit to corruption, such as 1000

Perhaps in the later stages, some BDs can reach 10000, while others can only reach 1000. Following D3’s approach is to balance professions, weaken and strengthen, but it can never be balanced, adding endless workload to oneself.

If there is a limit, strong players can play and weak players can also play, there is no need to weaken the strong BD and let the player who originally played that BD lose.

After reaching the upper limit, the strong early stage is faster, while the weak later stage can also catch up with the same efficiency.

There is no need to balance a lot of work every time new content is updated or players develop new BD, creating a workload for themselves.

  1. I feel that there are too few passive skills, and many BDs need to frequently use 4 to 5 skills, which may lead to the old path of Diablo 3.

Due to the existence of reducing CDs and the ability to quickly replenish buffs, the game has become increasingly unsuitable for humans to play. As a result, many players who are still playing have succumbed to cheats and scripts in the later stages.

Their designers realized this issue in Diablo 4 and World of Warcraft. Warcraft has been simplified a lot, and Diablo 4 intends to fix the CD time without any attribute reduction. It’s been a long time since they followed it, and I wonder if they have actually installed it?

In fact, POE is not good either. I have wanted to play it many times, watching other people’s videos. My skills are so gorgeous that they explode, and the full screen light pollution makes it impossible to see monsters and maps clearly. I run so fast that I can’t even watch drops. I have to rely on plugins to broadcast voice messages. I hope the final era will not develop like this.

The eagle tamer’s landmines have developed in that direction, playing games is like looking directly at welding.

I personally don’t like the summoning of druids. I chose the zoo because I am lazy, and as a result, each animal has a separate skill that needs to be manually pressed.

What I prefer is that out of the 5 skills, 2 are commonly used, 1 explosive long CD move, and 2 auxiliary passive or displacement skills.

  1. Regarding manufacturing

I think the significance of manufacturing should be to provide an entry-level equipment for me to build between entering the timeline and reaching my BD formation.

The ultimate good equipment still needs to be obtained by dropping, don’t rely too much on manufacturing and filling holes. Although it is a random feature of this game, it will make people feel very complex to play. The filter will copy others’, causing them to not understand why they want this in the later stage of playing?

The direct drop in the later stage is the driving force for me and a certain dark anchor to brush monsters in this type of game.

I really like your legendary equipment for random growth, and I really enjoy the luck it brings.

But I don’t like attributes, but without holes, or attributes with holes, it’s not a frustrating feeling.

  1. The ladder is not yet complete

This arena wave number is not suitable for use in ladder ranking. I hope to create new content to rank in the future.

Separate and rank each profession for job transfer.

I don’t know whether we can create a new model of the ladder, such as the accumulation type, so that the ladder will not be dominated by the same strong BD, and the weak BD will also be brilliant.

  1. Finally

Most of my advice comes from years of playing Blizzard games, where they have been wondering why players are losing and why new players are not coming.

In fact, they themselves turned the “game” into “numerical value”, while in World of Warcraft, they turned the “world” into “difficulty”, and the threshold became higher and higher, making it difficult for newcomers to enter, while the elderly were gradually eliminated.

In the past, when playing World of Warcraft, I used to tell newcomers: No, it’s okay, let’s take you!

Up to now, it has become all about seeking new people: please don’t drag us down!

The focus of the game should be on fun, not endless balance patches.