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Personal Feedback so far for beta

Hey all. I´ve done 3 Chars now to lvl 45-50 in beta, so I cant talk About anything above. Ive played Alpha all classes to 60-70, so I can compare with that only. I love ARPG`s and I think LE is a thrill; the design is good and heading in a direction of endless possible fun. Here some Basic concerns/Feedbacks/observations and suggestions.


Monster Density as in: pack Density. Game feels not as fluid and fun as it could be; skills dont quite Shine or get the diversity in usage; tactical useage as well as “purring through packs” can be enchanced by more diversity. Balance between “Little” and “ARPG mass slaining”. I feel this is serious for Gameplay reasons. EXP are fine, difficulties of enemys are fine, Drops are fine so far; its only About the fun and the diversity!

2: Fix shaman totems and bring more balance into the spell/totem/minion skills. That is spriggan, thorn and hurricane/Lightning totem, and entangling roots seems overpowered: too easy to use, too huge in Damage. Totems and hurricances and spriggan are way more difficult to be effective with, and deal significantly less Damage. Using them all together is less than entangling alone, or equal.

Rest has been mentioned in other Topics so far - I felt These are most urgent to me and most obvious. Urgent as in “apparent” for me as a regular Player :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Monster Density

With that I dont necessarily mean how far packs/Monsters are afar from each other. It`s how many I meet around each Corner. It feels like Little. Even packs are mostly Little. Usually every 10-20th pack (from my Feeling) feels like it is more than 3-5, or 5-7 (when they are very small) Monsters. Given that many spells can be used quite tactical, have HUGE AoE and Animations, therefor huge potential in General - it feels Kind of lame - in ANY case, with ANY class - to not have that “Smash” experience with Groups more often. I would suggest 30% more packs with more enemys - at least. Not 30% through it all, but increasing the average, or adding in that 20% of the packs have 40% more Mobs, other 20% have 80% more, and 10% have 150% more. The other 50% stay the same (single or just a few each Corner).

This doesnt mean that they should get tweaked in dmg/Health, or that the experience gain isnt fine. It is simply more FUN. It is more engaging. It is more ARPG and it fits with the character design.

And I want both. The small, single enemys, the few enemys, the small packs - Right now there is very occasionally a middle pack, and very rarely huge delivery of Monsters to slain in a spot. But it feels like it is almost never, and it doesnt feel fluid to Play.

Improving on that, I think theres also many opportunities to build on that, and build also on the way RARES or excpeptional Monsters are created. May as well have packs with 2-3 rare Monster. Some Singles. Some Singles with many smalls. More Variety in Encounter.

  1. Monolith & Arena

The Arena, scaling up, manages Point 1 a Little bit. But even when approaching from 4 sides, it feels not much still in total

Monolith feels fun. Point 1 applyable here as well. I would make the scaling harsher (mods stay for more rounds, = higher scaling the more rounds you Play and it doesnt stop). Add Variety of choices. Theres more Juice in that, and I`m sure theres more to come.


Basically, I made a shaman using totem+tornado and spriggan. Entangling roots to buff my spriggan. On lvl 45-50, I used entangling roots the first time on enemys, really. It does 250-300 dmg ticks all the while. My storm totem is using the hurricane node, and I put Tornados into the hurricane. I use thorn totems, 5 pieces, cast at once, skilled on Poison, as a tactical block, and to Poison enemys to buff my spriggan with 240% more dmg to poisoned enemys.

I have lots of attunement (20), minion dmg, spell dmg. Also some physical dmg added, and some "x Damage added to spells (e.g. Lightning) from items, passives, uniques.

Having spriggan on full DPS, buffed with entangling roots and poisoned enemys, storm totem full power as hurricane skilled on DPS and debuff for more dps, and put crit on all of These wherever possible, as well as thorn totem, 5 at once, which in itself should do at least some Damage…

I have 3 DPS skills I cast nonstop on enemys, theres shittons of cool animations and its SUPER fun to Play. Long Story short:

Spriggan Shines only a BIT even if Damage is hugely amplified wherever possible. I have NOT tried spriggans entangling roots node howerer, but Vale vault and his summon (albeit only for getting Poison). The Damage is low, and the effort to APPLY it to enemys is not worth it.

It`s fun to Play, its possible to Play, it Needs not huge buffs because you can apply them all together (hurricane+thorn totem and endless Tornados and spriggan on them, and entangling roots on top)… thats 5 DPS skills. Its slow in killing though. Some buff would make it OP though, because it has huge CC Advantage and potential - which makes it one of my favourite builds - but for the EFFORT of Building 5 DPS skills. Mage gets more Damage from a Meteor lvl 20 skill. Period. And each on their own (except entangling roots) would not work.

Buff totems. Buff Tornado. Make something with spriggan - not too much though. It`s only Little that is needed, for all of them skills. It would be easy to overpower them. Right now, it seems lacky though compared to other classes/builds

Other things have been mentioned in other threads allready >:) And These two felt the most “urgent/apprarent” to me at the Moment. :slight_smile:

I agree, but i have this gut feeling, that EHG is very aware of this and have chosen to limit the density due to performance issues and with further development of the game we will likely see an increase in both pack size and frequency. Although it is speculation at the moment on my part.

I agree with the Shaman issues. I went with Wolves, and spec’d only into additional wolves, and like 3 damage nodes. I max storm and thorn totems, and I use frenzy totem with them heavily. Those 3 wolves clear better than a 5 drop of thorn totems. Storm totem seems too slow to deal decent damage. Tornado is cool, but it doesn’t work well at all without a LOT of investment. My level 20 tornado (with 40+ attunement) scaled with all damage nodes and lightning bolts (due to other lightning scaling in my build), does less damage than Avalanche with no skill tree. Once Avalanche gets a tree, then being a Shaman will be no big deal at least, but the totems need real help–it’d be cool to have another type of totem?

Agreed, having only thorns and storm totems, along with frenzy (does frenzy increase the other totem’s damage as well btw?) feels a bit short, especially since you can’t increase the number of storm totems. I could imagine a Tornado Totem would be fun :smiley: Or what about a Bug Totem or something, basically a Totem that spawns Little critters which are temporary, unattackable minions that gnaw on the enemies nearby? :slight_smile:
Think a bit like the swarm host of Starcraft 2, only that he Releases on after another, and each one dies after ~5-8 seconds.

Frenzy Totem increases the attack speed of your other totems–you can see it working by the little ring it puts around them.

It’d be nice to have a totem that wasn’t just a copy of another skill, and Storm/Frenzy totems could heavily benefit from some life/duration nodes. I swear a storm totem dies in one hit, and a thorn totem can tank the same mob.

Agreed. (To both) Storm Totem is super squishy at the Moment.

To a “new” Totem Skill…any idea? There’s always the chain lightning Option (fan favourite of mine as well :smiley:)…icicles can be created by a cold tree of thorns if I remember correctly…an avalanche Totem would again be a copy… :thinking:

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