Permanently zoomed in

Logged in, was zoomed in like image 1. This is 3 scroll wheel clicks out from maximum zoom for me (in normal circumstances.) I could not zoom out more with mouse wheel or a rebound keyboard key.

Image 2, this is the maximum zoom I could do with mouse scroll wheel.

Images 3 and 4, same situation in a different zone.

Problem was solved by logging out and back in. Changing character did not solve the problem. Sorry I could not get any more details, I was in a rush to play! Ps love the game

Two minutes after posting this, my new level 5 primalist also became immortal. Once my health dropped to 0, I could not die. This happened after I begun playing an offline character, lvl 2, made many months ago.

Pss. just got another, potentially more serious bug. I’m posting it on this same forum now.

I am using a monitor with a resolution 3440x1440 with a 7900 xtx.
When loading the game the aspect ratio is locked to 16:9 and the image stretches to meet the fullscreen requirement.
When I put the resolution down to 1920x1080 on windowed the aspect ratio is correct but it remains zoomed in exactly like this post and is unplayable in this state.
I have updated my drivers to the latest at the time:
Radeon driver: 23.3.1
Monitor = AW3423DW
CPU: 7700X
OS: Windows 11 build 22621