Permanent Loading Screen Temporal Sanctum

Trying to load into Temporal Sanctum level 2 results in permanent loading screens.
So far i tried 4 keys. Out of 4 keys this happened 4 times.
Dont know if this logfile helps:

Player.log (118.7 KB)

This log file was uploaded after me sitting in the loading screen for 5 or so minutes.

Edit: Tried with a different char and on a different difficulty aswell, same result.

Edit2: Some people reported that this only seems to happen in offline mode.


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I have the same issue and reply into another Temporal Sanctum topic. The bug is here since the patch and i’ll wait for a fix but it’s not here.
I’m a little affraid about the reactivity from the dev about it, Temporal Sanctum is an important feature for end game.

Same bug, occured 3 times already out of 3 tries. I’m playing offline mode.

This is a weird loading bug beacuse i am definitely loaded into sanctum - i can hear Jurla saying her voiceline, after pressing hotkeys i can hear my character using corresponging abilities. It’s just that loading screen do not disappear from my screen for some reason.

Player.log (125.7 KB)

Same issue here

Tested with the new patch (92b)… still issue. Can’t make legendaries… It’s kind of hampering progression now, really irritating.

same problem :frowning:

This is a huge bug, and I don’t see mention of it in the last 2 hotfix patch notes as something they are aware of…

This bug made me lose any incentive to play LE :see_no_evil:

I have the same issue. Cannot progress to the Sanctum Cloister. Just cycles on the loading screen, although as others have mentioned you can hear characters. As a result cannot create Legendary items…kind of a big deal!