Perm Abomination dying randomly (will explode) AND rapid degen post-dread shade buff

  1. Out of nowhere my permanent abomination (age of undeath with <6 skellies up) will explode during combat, from full hp to zero instantly.

  2. Immediately after my non-health-draining dread shade buff on my abomination expires, it visually looks like it gets the debuff from Pernicious Pact (a green bubbling effect is on the model) and starts to rapidly die from degen. Just to clarify, I do NOT have pernicious pact allocated, instead I use Lone Watcher.

My abomination is set up to be a permanent minion and is dying from these two issues so much to the point I have to reroll my char because it isn’t functioning properly.

I have this exact same issue. I’ve also had my abomination be easily killed by lesser mobs that couldn’t kill a skeleton used in summoning the abomination. It’s almost like the abomination isn’t getting credit for the skeletons used. Something isn’t working right with it for sure. I’ve also had an issue where I resummon mages up to 5 that are all the same type when they should be three different types. Even after having just summoned three different types used in creating the abomination.