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Performance feedback from 0.8.1b

Just a quick note:

I have found the performance in 0.8.1b to be demonstrably better than previous builds.

Obviously everyones mileage may vary and I have not done any objective testing of this but my initial observations seem to indicate an overall improvement of between 10-20 fps on the mid to bottom end of the fps scale. (top end fps has not really changed for me) i.e. I am getting a more reliable 50-60fps in “busy” moments when previously it would drop into the 30-40s.

Still got to try it with some known fps killer moments, but its definitely better in general play… Spiking down to below 30fps has also seemed to improved but I have not tested enough to be sure on that front.

While it is in by no means perfect, its a definite improvement - especially when factored with the wonderful new graphical updates and animated maps (meat grinder anyone).

Keep it coming devs…


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Same. Also slightly better cpu usage stability.