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One of the goals of ARPG (in my opinion) is to create a character. The integral goal of this is to get the perfect gear.

In my understanding, in this game, the perfect gear is a legendary LP4 item with T7 affixes.

LP - only random. You can increase the number of unique items with a high LP only by increasing the drop of these items.

T7 affixes can only be obtained by drop. To do this, you can increase drop items and the quality - item rarity.

In this screenshot you can see the result of T4 Temporal Sanctum. On the left - drop with a full cleaning of the map, on the right - the boss drop. I only picked up exalted items and unique LP 2+ items.
The gameplay looks like this.

In general, not bad.

For comparison, I completed the Monolith Echo, with the item filter disabled and item rarity +800%. You can evaluate the quality of the items. And at the same time difficulty.

As a result, I didn’t get a single exalted item for the entire Echo. And there were even white items in the final award.

I have a question to designer (I’ll clarify, I like the current corruption mechanics, but I’ve lost the point)

  1. What for the corruption system introduced? What was the designer’s goal?

  2. What mechanics will allow the player to get the perfect item that I described at the beginning? Right now it’s just drop. in no way dependent on the player’s action.


These are important points.

The time it takes for a player to get the gear they need to fully express their build should be roughly the amount of time it takes to get to end-game.

Artificially extending gameplay by purposefully making player’s influence over drops inconsequential is not good design.

Games should never feel like chores. Mechanics designed around risk and reward should honour the time the player has spent.

I feel the same way, but I don’t think it’s just a matter of high corruption and low drops.

I’ve recently built several new characters, and even though my filter rules have been very lenient, there simply aren’t many drops in monolith that are suitable for forging to make the gear I want (such as specific base type items where the number of words matches greater than 2 and the tier total is greater than 7) in the process of moving from level 60 to 95.

On the one hand, the forging base is difficult to get through the drop, on the other hand, even if you get it, it is likely to have too low forging potential (20-30) because it is rare or magical rarity, and it is difficult to make 4T5 or even 4T4, and it is unrealistic to try your luck by forging low tier affix items in bulk, in addition to the limitation of forging potential, Hope Glyph’s high consumption speed and Low production is also a big problem.

Finally, as the owner said, by farming the dungeon to get high-level affixes high forging potential gear to forge to get the perfect gear is far more positive feedback than wasting time in the monolith.

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