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Pedantic Suggestion: The Echo of a Void Knight doesnt resemble the char

Not sure why this is bothering me so much, perhaps its playing too much Void Blender or DOrbs but the fact that the echo isnt even wielding the same weapon but is supposed to be “copy” of the vk seems worth making a post about.

100% not important and really silly to “complain” about but hey so be it.


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I am almost certain that it reseembles the Model of the old Sentinel, before the rework, isn’t it?

Might not be to hard to replace it with the new Sentinel Model.

Or do you suggest making it a actualy copy of your CURRENT character, with what ever armour you have equipped?

Honestly, the most obvious thing for me are the weapon/shield combination - the armour isnt really that noticeable, but when your echo is using a longsword & shield and you are using a 2h-axe it looks odd.

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