Pebble's Femur level requirement

This is probably just a small oversight due to the basetype change in 0.8.3. Pebble’s set is meant to be a levelling set equippable from lvl 12 but the wand got changed to the Ivory basetype making its requirement lvl 30 (different from the rest of the set).

I think some other uniques need some level requirement changes aswell.
Sunwreath requires Level 21. This ring is really strong early on considering ruby rings are now lvl62. Also Flame Reave is only available once you unlock a mastery which you normally get on a bit higher lvl as far as i remember my leveling experiences.

We usually get the mastery around levels 22-25

Yeah something like that, exactly. I’m not focusing enough anymore while leveling…too many chars already :smiley:

Since the release of 0.8.3 I have leveled between 15 and 20 chars, so I start to remember the steps of the campaign relatively well. ^^

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