Pebble's femur 2 set bonus is completely broken and not working

The pebble’s 2 set bonus that grants bone golem 5% chance to replenish potion on hit is not working at all.

I tested this by having a total of 16 potion slot (from queen belt), using three potions so there’s only 13 potions left, and clearing an area with only my 2 bone golems. I even specced out of all golem variants and used the default bone golem. Still, after clearing an entire area and being careful not to pick up potions dropped from enemies, I ended up with the 13 potions that I started with. There’s at least a thousand hits from bone golem, it seems like the 2 set effect is completely not working right now.

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I can reproduce this as well. Between two sessions, I’ve recorded 390 golem attacks with zero potions being replenished. It’s possible I’m very unlucky, but that’s a 0.000000269% chance.

same issue here :frowning: very frustrated since its the second thing (after abom age of undeath node didnt work with aarons will) that didnt work for my golem build and having to scratch it and start from new.

PS : if this is fixed id like it to be specific if it works with only bone golems or all golem types