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Pathfinding issue

I’ve been having weird pathfinding issues with warpath. It honestly seems like it’s general for each class around corners and such, but this was so odd when using Warpath I thought I’d record it and offer the feedback.

Welcome to the forum…

There are various known locations where the pathfinding messes up… Especially with regards Warpath and sometimes other skills. It usually ends up being related to the specific map location rather than the pathfinding - some locations mess up based on the map height, others its an odd item that isnt visible, but exists in the map that causes odd problems… Some of these also display when using skills like Multishot - i.e. you can fire a wide spread of arrows and one or two will hit something that doesnt exist visibly…

If you find specific locations like this, I suggest you put a short vid/screenshot in a quick bug report in the Bug section of the forum so that the devs can check if the map in question needs correcting/checking.