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Pathfinding issue

Maybe it is just me, but I got stuck a lot more times than I remembered with other ARPG due to pathfinding issue. Most obvious one would be Lagon rectengular stage (upper side). There are also a few times I have hold left-clicked onto an unwalkable object(that is not a corner) like the side of the bridge and my character just stopped instead of still walking in the general direction along the walkable path. Anecdotal so anyone else felt the same?

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Yes, if there are specific issues, those are best posted as bugs with pictures of the offending locations.

I don’t think it is bug though but it’s more on how the pathfinding is coded. I’ve tried to replicate the issue but they are somewhat hard to replicate (other than Lagon’s). Most of the time I had died to the enemies because I didn’t realize I have stopped+I can’t find my cursor. So, it is hard to post any occurence proof here.

I’ll try to remember the next time it happen again. The only one I can remember that I can pinpoint specifically is the rightside fence, to the left of the forge that Alric shoved his hand into

Yeah, I don’t think it’s in the same league of bugs as skills not working but the devs treat zone issues (such as objects occluding the player’s view when they shouldn’t) as bugs.

If the difficulty I sometimes have crossing narrow bridges and being “sticky” on terrain is what you’re talking about, then yes, I’ve definitely felt the same.

A good example of the bad pathfinding is the ladder you encounter in End of Time.
I guess everyone had atleast rolled their eyes a few times when the clicking moved their character just left of the ladder-base instead upwards.

This issue can be reproduced on all sorts of ladders that involve altitude change or any crossroads/bridges or narrow passages/doorways/openings.
It feels like the character movement works only good on flat surfaces with no obstacles but as soon complex environmental geometry is involved the movements dont function properly.