Path of Exile 2 Trading Interview

In the recent interview with Zizaran, Grinding Gear Games developers are heavily considering a system much like the Merchant’s Guild implementation for Path of Exile 2. Interesting to see what I would consider a staple of the ARPG genre also come to the same conclusions that EHG has about how to create trade.

Link for those curious:

You can find the full video on Zizaran’s youtube.

There are definitely still some differences between the two systems, considering the ability to resell items, but it’s going to be very interesting to see how both groups decide to balance the acquisition, and gold costs (favor for LE) of interacting with their Auction Houses. Hopefully either game tends towards the correct approach and we get two great games out of what I would consider a fundamental shift in the approach to trading in ARPGs.

Just wanted to start a topic for discussion because it’s interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on these changes.


I imagine they saw EHG’s initial release & the positive response it got & had an “Oooooooohhhh, that’s how you do it” moment rapidly followed by some prototyping & testing then “well, I guess there’s no reason for us making trade feel quite as painful & cancerous for the scum that make up the bulk of our playerbase, might as well try & find some other way of doing that!”.

I hope I don’t need to clarify that the above is a “work of fiction” for those white knights/gatekeepers/insert perjorative here that get thrown at me by the mouth breathing unwashed people I disagree with.


While watching that interview yesterday i was so happy that i was just smiling my ass off. Since LE Trading system shown off to the world i’ve been suggesting something similar for PoE and discussing with people over on the PoE sub. But i’ve got downvoted to the hell and told many times that " Do you know better than devs?!?! AH Wont work in PoE! Our current system is better! LE System wont work in PoE!! "

I’m so happy. And thanks to EHG, GGG is adding AH to PoE2. What EHG did here is design such an amazing system that other devs saw it and said yes we need that in our game to fix our issues. And i’m happy that they even mentioned LE in that topic. Love both of these games and cant wait for 1.0 and PoE2.


This almost certainly GGG saying “We see these guys are doing a thing…if it works out well then we will also do the thing”

Yes, that has been how the ARPG (and others) genre has evolved over time. Someone thinks of something cool and others adapt it. PoE also adapted other things from other games before and has other things adapted from them in turn. Sometimes those things even become core to the genre.

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Unless you don’t allow trade at all, like in D3, anyone that really wants to will find a way to make RMT work. LE’s system just minimizes it and makes it hard to create a profitable business from it.


Far to long video for my lil brain is there a tldr out already?

What are you even talking about?

Yes aaron action rpg on yt. Has a 9min video clip of the interview on thetrading in poe2



I think LHG is setting the bar here with options around trading, preventing botting, and ensuring a positive player experience. Trading in POE is something I personally really don’t enjoy. Having this nod to the direction LE is taking the genre forward is great confirmation that this game has serious chops and contends with the best out there.


It’s great that they stated Last Epoch by name as many developers would not have done so.

I’m not surprised that they don’t want to implement binding on gear. But I would suggest maybe doubling the gold fee any time an item is resold.

The LE trade system is probably a bit too restrictive with regard to binding, but they can pull that back over time.

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Agree. Not having binding on gear and gear identification is a huge boon. Makes the gameplay loop much more streamlined by allowing loot filter identification of desired affixes. I disagree with the POE view that having to identify items creates a memorable moment. Mostly, imho, it’s well that a waste of time…

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That’s another D2 relic they refused to get rid of, including ID scrolls.

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Any time Chris or another dev says “feel the weight of the action,” its code for -fuck these tradtards, enjoy picking up whetstones individually!-

To me, trade in PoE was the greatest gift ever as far as gaming is concerned, it made me despise the idea of acquiring items from others as a whole, and instead, start playing the game. If some uber nerd makes a tier list of the shittiest ideas in gaming history 30 years down the line, PoE and its trade “system” better be near the top. It made us truly appreciate currency bots, and well, thats fuckin weird.

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POE still has a massive issue with the private discord The Forbidden Trove where lots of transactions occur because POE isn’t built to handle them. Things like bulk trading where you need to trade more than what’s in the inventory space and crafting and such.

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