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Patching is a headache

It seems like there is a patch every couple of days. That’s actually a sign of a healthy development team. However, why is it that each patch is several GB worth of data? At 2-3MB/sec it takes hours to load each patch. Then once it’s downloaded, it take 30-40 minutes to unpack. I have a mid tier gaming machine with plenty of ram, fast HDD’s, and no background processes. I’m tired of having to walk away from my computer and watch a show before I can play LE. Can the devs please address the patching issues? There’s got to be a better way to patch the game.

Also, thanks for a great game. I’ve been playing on and off since kickstarter and I’m impressed with how far this has developed and where it’s going. Still looking forward to the finished product.

I had the same issues, but not anymore since I switched to Steam. I’d recommend doing the same. Patch won’t get smaller this way, but the unpacking or whatever it is doing won’t be an issue, that took way longer with me sometimes (I’m talking hours here).

Ya, I can get the download done super fast, but the patching itself can take over an hour and I have a pretty darn good PC. I guess I should look up how to link to my Steam account and go that route.

Do you know how to switch to steam? I looked it up and it wants money.
This should do the trick, was not working for everyone when it hit Steam, me included, but it was fixed a few couple of hours later, and this was two weeks ago, so hope it should be fine for you.


Thanks so much. I am downloading it now. I like Steam so maybe it’ll be more stable there. Now if I can just get my Kickstarter rewards to link…

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Support should be able to handle that with ease. Send them an email, preferably from the one you used while funding on Kickstarter.

Thanks, I did that yesterday. Still haven’t heard back. Not sure how long it’s supposed to take.

If you don’t want to go the Steam route one thing that sped the patching process for me a little bit was setting the process priority to realtime in task manager. Still slow though

Yea. They definitely need to optimize the unpacking.

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