Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.4

I hope this patch fixes the major lag issue caused by the last patch that makes me unable to even play. Only time will tell, I guess.

same here dude. #feelsbadman

I think he meant “Acts”, likely is treating Ruined Era as Act I and Undead Era as Act II.

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Please set actual damage values ​​on each skill! I get lost with these allocated points, and also the overall damage to the character’s menu! I am not a hardcore player, I play just for fun casually … just rephrase the information character menu because I see that is very polluted with information that drives me crazy.

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We’re working on it :smile:

Because of how modular our skill system is, it is quite difficult to have a generated preview of how much damage a skill will do. We are working on implementing this in a performant way. You’re absolutely right that it’s a necessary feature.


thanks for answering! Will these changes be implemented now in 0.7.4?

No, they also probably won’t be in 0.7.5 either.

when will the rogue???

yes Ruined Era as Act I and Undead Era as Act II

The Rogue is listed in Phase 3 of our Early Access Forecast.

The Eras are not Acts. Last Epoch’s campaign is broken into Chapters of the story, and this story involves travelling both forwards and backwards through time. Each of the Eras represents a significant period of time some of the campaign is set in.

This is an important distinction for multiple reasons. One reason is that the game will have approximately ten Chapters at release, and these will be set across four Eras. Another is that unlike Acts or Chapters which are played through linearly - you finish the first before beginning the second - as said above, you move between different Eras quite frequently.


Just to say that I love the ability to see additional information on skills and passives when pressing Alt. I hope this stays in the final version and (why not) gets expanded a bit.

When is this new patch being deployed?

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And will it be before Tuesday next week (or on Tuesday)? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the biggest question isn’t it?

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Wow. Stealth release. It’s live!

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its nice! Is there an update date for the new engine?

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any ETA regarding Rogue and Warlock?

Ooooo this bump was rude!! thought it was 0.7.5 patch preview at first :rofl:


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