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Patch Preview: Alpha 0.5.3


Our next game version is 0.5.3. This content patch introduces an early version of Chapter 2, as well as improvements for movement, item comparison, and minions - and of course bug fixes.

We aim to have this patch available by early next week.


  • The first half of Chapter Two.
  • Improvements to movement;
    • You can now move sooner after using most abilities.
    • You can now move slightly between attacks while attacking at full speed.
  • Quality of Life improvements for minion use;
    • It is now possible to command minions to attack enemies.
    • Minions will now move at different speeds depending on the situation.
    • Minion stats now have their own tab in the character stats window.
  • Added a skill specialization tree for Wandering Spirits.
  • Volcanic Orb has been reworked.
    • Adjustments have been made to the skill specialization tree where appropriate.
  • Meteor now has a node on its skill specialization tree which gives it a larger area of effect. Taking this node should make the skill a bit meatier.
  • There is now a visual effect when your character is stunned.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a memory leak caused by item drop sounds.
    • The Spriggan is well-rested after its break and ready to assist you once again in combat. It feels much better now - thank you for asking.
    • Multiple bug fixes relating to minimaps.

After this patch

This patch makes it possible to get stun avoidance on your jewellery. We plan on adding stun avoidance to mastery nodes to help make melee characters less vulnerable to stuns, however this wasn’t finished in time and will be included in a future update.

The team continues to work on both the second half of Chapter Two, as well as quests for Chapter One. Each of the classes already implemented will be receiving higher quality models. We’ve been discussing a public-facing roadmap, but aren’t yet ready to share one.

Expect further incremental improvements to our Launcher and the visual effects of skills. We’ll also be continuing to add specialization trees to skills which lack them.


Cannot wait !
You all are doing an awesome job with this game ^^


as far as i love your work. but imho you should focus on your classes/sub-classes and not the storyline/chapters. i mean ask yourself what would feel better? playing a well done class and get updates to chapters from time to time, or playing a half done class (some sub-class arent even available yet) through the whole storyline :wink: - its an arpg/hack’n’slay and as far as i appreciate a well done storyline, your game will rise and fall with its gameplay (and that includes your different classes and the combat system). :slight_smile:



While we do sincerely appreciate the feedback, different people work on these.


good to know. was a bit scared tbh :wink:

We do plan to improve the currently available classes before adding more, if that helps? :slight_smile:


All updates for classes are welcome :slight_smile: imho i would like to see trees for the class skills wich doesnt have one yet. I think that would mean more playable builds, wich would hook me into your game again after testing all, for me, interesting skills :wink:

Every skill will have a specialization tree for release.

As mentioned in the post above, this is something we’ll be gradually working on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can’t wait to see those new upgrades. :3

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Awww It will be nice to see the Spriggans in full form. I am glad that they are rested. I needed a bit of a challenge going through the Sheltered Woods.


Excited to see new content! And it’s good to hear updates on the roadmap even if it’s that it’s not ready yet :slight_smile:

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Awesome, you guys are making really good progress.


Good to hear. :smiley:
It’s great to see the game progress.


Sounds great guys, awsome job so far !!!


Epic. For sure it will be great for melee. I do worry that it may make it too easy to kite with ranged though.


Excited to see the new tree for wandering spirits.

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Nice. Looking forward to the 1st half of chapter 2. (Feels like more progress than Wolcen already). Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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That’s because it is, by a lot. Wolcen left kickstarter in June 2015 and when the first version hit steam in March 2016 it had barely changed from the prototype. Then the first main content didn’t hit until June 2017 with the 0.5 patch. Last Epoch will probably finish its alpha faster than it took Wolcen to have a playable version.

No idea how to quote on this new board.

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If you highlight text, a Quote button should pop up.

Holy shit! I didn’t know that!

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I see you’re putting it into practice! :wink: