Patch 1.0.4. Paladin stats broken by Holy Aura

Patch 1.0.4
The character statistics become completely unusable for the paladin due to Holy Aura.
Elemental resistances and % damage increase endlessly in the display.
Also poison resistance, if skilled in holy aura.


I just noticed this as well, as far as I can tell it doesnt affect actual values, but its almost impossible to continue managing stats

Okay, I was noticing the same issue with my Runemaster using Flame Rush, ramping all of my resists and all increased damage numbers.

Same thing. Holy aura increase stats indefinitely. Unequipping Aura stops stats from rising, but doesn’t reset them. Going to town, where skills are forbidden, resets stats. I tried to unspec Aura. Non-specced Aura doesn’t give this bug. It seems the bug is related to nodes which gives bonus resistances, since spending points in them returned the bug.

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