Patch 0.8.2 is live!

In case you missed it, check out our official patch overview video while you download the patch:


Yeah! Let’s go!

Patch hype lets Rip Boys like our beard!

Enjoy the patch everyone! Look forward to hearing what everyone thinks!

almost 5 GB :heart_eyes:

I think it’s probably the best one yet, looking forward to reading all the feedback.

It’s not released yet on Steam?

Lets goooo!!! downloading atm at 21MB/s +

Restart steam, I had to for it to show.

Thank you.

I love the visual changes. Everything looks so clean and nice!

First change that I don’t like is the new idol layout. Not only does it limit the number of 4 across idols but if you use any 4 across idols it breaks it up so much it turns into idol tetris.

I like the new layout, but why do we need a section of the inventory that shows a total amount of shards and other crafting materials? The link to the section is great, but why do I need to know that I have 9000 shards? Maybe it is just nitpicky, because I love the entire update haha.

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when thay are down to 1 maybe you would like to know

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Quick feedback

  • When scrolling Quest Log/ Quest Tracker with mouse scroll, map zoom in/out.

  • When clicking active on quest in Quest Log, I think it should move you to coresponding waypoint, now it does nothing.

  • When you have open quest log on map and close map, after reopen map theres no quest log, only BACK button.

Anyone else not able to log on? Getting Error LE-24

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Also, I was going to create a new character but decided against it, but couldn’t find a back button. Am I blind or do I really have to exit the game to go back to the main menu?

i stuck Enter Game Scene for 40 minutes, fucking 40 minutes

Looking forward to it!
Thanks for all the changes and fixes, especially the Necro ones!

Thanks for the awesome patch. Really starting to show some polish and all the changes so far are great. Much better UI. Really impressed so far. I suspect some people may become annoyed at rearranging idols all the time but I think it was better. Maybe consider a smart sorting algorhthym that automatically resorts when you add a new relic with maybe there being a priority button to maintain certain sizes. Game is still in great shape. Only real issue I see is that the game improves as you go on and the ruined era is just not up to the quality visually and layout wise to the rest of the game so that might hurt initial impressions. Seriously considerig adding additional support as it is so impressive