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Passives not reported correctly

On the left hand side of the passive trees we have tabs for each mastery. Within each symbol is a circle with a number in it. I’m lvl 95 Forge Gaurd. This is how the passives look currently:

I’m lvl 95.

Sentinal Class: 30
Void Knight: 5
Forge Guard: 51
Paladin: 15

That adds up to 101. I’m told in Chat that @ 100 I should have 116 points. So I’ve spent the last two hours trying to figure out where these lost points are thinking i’ve missed quests.

Turns out despite it saying “30” in my Sentinal class, I have 41, an 11 point discrepancy.

Thank you for the report.

The intended functionality is not that the number shown reflects how many points have been spent in that tab, but that it shows how far into that tab’s passives you have advanced. As a result, the observed behaviour is what is intended and this is not a bug.

I know that’s how it works, but it just confuses people (as I think I’ve mentioned before), as it confused UltraboltNovacrunch. If people see the number of points in a passive tree increase as they put more points in it, they’re not going to expect that it will suddenly stop for the base class & 2 of the masteries at 25/30 but carry on for the mastered mastery.

Just like the % damage mitigation on the protections used to confuse people but you changed it to explain it better, I think those numbers on the masteries need to change as well. Because once you hit 26 points in the non-mastered passive tree, the game suddenly starts lieing to you, without telling you it is.


I think the kicker for me was, sometimes the number IS the number of points in that mastery (by chance).

I think its confusing because the base class is capped at showing 30 points, non-mastery classes are capped at showing 25 points (you can’t go higher into the tree), and mastery classes don’t have a cap. Even if the highest requirement is 45 in the mastery tree, it can still show 61 instead of 45 or 50.

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And, it starts off being the number of points in a mastery, then changes to the cap without telling the player.

Once I realized the numbers didn’t add up I was 1) excited to think I had easy passives to obtain 2) eager to find out which quests I had missed.

First thing I did was spend time going back to quest hubs and hoping to see quests “!” I hadn’t taken.

Then, when I failed to discover missed quests that way I turned to the wiki and tediously started comparing my list of finished quests to the list of quests in the wiki.

Finally (and what I should have done in from the start) I just counted my points and realized something wasn’t right.

So am I to understand the number equals not the points spent, but “level” you’ve gained in each tree?

Yes, except it’s capped at the max lvl (30 for base & 25 for non-mastered masteries).

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