Passive Tree and Specializations

I just got to lvl 9, i respec my tree some times now, why isnt there a full respec yet?
even on lvl 9 i find it anoying to respec one at a time, imagine at max level.

why do i need to respec at a npc? doesnt make sense to me (just make it like grim dawn full respec any time without cost), it only slow down the game, and it doesnt make sense to spend gold in respecing, just make a button to fully respec one nod, or the entire tree.

Specializations: someone said that it took 2 maps on late game to get it to max lvl, but i think once u get any of the five spaces to max lvl, it should stay at max even after switching the specialized skills.

these mechanics only makes the game slower and doesnt add anything to it, to be true it will only take time and patience from players

i hate how u havent fixed the launch problem yet, i hope it will get fixed soon, just spent 1 or 3 hours trying to understand and fix it, and i just did somehow

i like how i wont lose xp in the end game

the game is really good and fun to play until now, i hope it will get even better with time and the bugs get all fixed, im really enjoing it, keep the good work going, and guys please sleep and take good care of your health :slight_smile:

can u please add a clock on the game? really helpfull :slight_smile:

holy there is a clock, but its hidden in the right top corner, could u replace it XD?

Respecing at an NPC is there for a reason. Its so u cant just swap builds on the fly when ever u want.

Being able to swap builds like this doesnt teaxh one to learn how to play the build they made better.

As for skill respecing same reason. Its there to stop u from swapping builds on the fly. Or even swapping builds for a said situation.

Tbh skills shouldnt stay at max lvl when u swap them. Like i said there should be some sort of penalty for respecing.

Imo respecing in LE is already way to easy to do

Respecing should have a cost to it or a penalty. Imo u shouldnt be able to swap builds on the fly like D3 or even GD.

I believe mike (senior dev) said a full passive respec is coming in there last live dev stream. Not sure if thats a QoL thats coming in 1.0 full launch or after.

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