Passive Skill Keyword Search seems very inconsistant:

I typed “Low Health” in Primalist passives search field. Berserker (despite having low health in its description) does not become highlighted. Just for testing purposes I typed in “While” in the search field, and the only hit I get is “Thorn Bond”, Despite “While” being the first word in the description of Berserker. Again, for testing purposes I typed “Increased Damage” into the search field of Primalist and got two hits: Thorn Bond, and Hunter’s Emanation, however Primal Medicine has “increased damage” in its description. I don’t know if its just me not understanding how this thing is supposed to work or a real wonkiness going on. I wanted to look for nodes that synergized with low health.

Yeah, I’ve seen similar inconsistency in the search as well, though I can’t remember what I was searching for which isn’t particularly helpful. :frowning:

And it continues…

Druid Tree:
Sprouting Vines and Woodlore, both having poison in their description are not highlighted even if you type out the full word “poison”.
Switch to other passive trees with the same search word all nodes show up.

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