Passive Node Ideas - Sentinel

The Descend node on smite right now applies it’s steep mana cost even when triggered by others skills like judgement. Would it be possible to add a requirement for it to have to be cast directly in order for the cost to apply? that way you wouldn’t have to choose between the two nodes.

Holy Aura:

Passive node:
Guardian Angel;
a guardian angel blesses you with an holy (protective) bubble.
When enemies hit you it heals you for an amount and it does spell physical damage towards the attacker.
(the damage scales with spell damage, physical damage and increased healing to make it more interesting to scale)
(the heal part scales with health regen)

4 sec cooldown.
4 second duration

3 points
5% chance to receive a holy bubble per point

Than the next Points you can get for this one after getting the nodes of guardian angel.

2 passive nodes:
Touch of light
10% chance to blind attackers that attack you while being affected by the holy bubble.
“Dare attacking the angels blessing and they will blind you with the light”

Follow up node:

1 Passive node.
Angels touch (the attackers angered the angel)
30% chance to get Angels touch buff for 3 seconds when damage leaves you to low life, you receive Holy bubble. If you already had holy bubble you deal 5% more damage and refresh the duration of holy bubble.

Node option bubble reflects for … amount of damage while active and heals the amount reflected.
Also optional if needed is longer duration or duration nodes to make it more like a main skill or a support damage heal skill mechanic.

If something like this would be added it would really make me feel like a holy paladin :wink:
It would be nice if the healing will get some (hybrid) options to do damage instead of healing only or partly in my opinion.

Sigils of Hope - Proposed skill point change
Last Wish - 6% chance to summon a sigil on kill

I personally feel this is slightly lack luster and I find myself losing all charges frequently. Also this is a dead skill point anytime you fight most bosses. Personally I propose the following to give the skill a little more help in a wider variety of situations:

Last Wish
Chance to gain a sigil on boss hit: 3%
Chance to gain a Sigil on Kill: 6%
Chance to gain a Sigil on Blue Monster Kill : 12%
Chance to gain a Sigil on Rare Monster Kill : 24%

This would give it a little more viability in some situations. Especially when you happen to get those monolith maps that are pretty much all rare and magic monsters. And it would give it at least some viability on bosses. Also being able to generate sigils more consistently, would make other skill points more attractive such as “Faith” and “Fervor”


Maybe an implicit on a unique that allows for larger gold pick up radius and automatic shard pick up.


Maybe one passive choice at the end of every tree that people could choose (and respec easily) if they wanted that QoL.


You could just implement that into the game :stuck_out_tongue:

So only for Sentinels?

I would like to see a movement skill not connected to lunge or shield rush, If I dual wield the shield rush is terrible for movement around bosses and lunge is useless to get out of danger/area, maybe have a far off node to convert lunge to dash and not needing a target?

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Smite with the Descend node? Javelin with the Surprise Initiative node? Shield Rush doesn’t even need a shield if you take Dark Rush.

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thanks, i did take shield rush w/o shield and i didnt get to try all the points in the path, but it still felt clunky.

Channelled skills do feel clunky if you only need to channel them for a little bit.

Personally, I quite like the javelin.
Among the many passive trees, there are few key related enhancements.
For example: Strengthening of spear-wielding type

Sierpin’s Fractal Tree
This weapon gave me quite a lot of inspiration
Why not make attributes a feature?

Advice for Passive:

  1. Natural projection (recommended to be Crucible Guardian)
    Gain +1 bonus projectile for every 15 points of Agility/Strength attached (maximum +3 bonus projectile)

  2. High-speed throwing (recommended for Paladin)
    Increase throwing attack speed when holding a spear (4%/8%/12%/16%)

  3. Roll to Madness (recommended for Paladin)
    Gain Haste/Frenzy (1 second/2 seconds/3 seconds/4 seconds) when throwing damage and causing a critical hit recently.
    After investing 4 points in this talent, 6 points of mana will be restored when throwing damage and causing a critical hit.

  4. Full concentration (recommended for Paladin)
    When holding a spear, your melee critical strike bonus is treated as a global critical strike bonus, but your melee damage is reduced by 20%.

  5. Fallen Arrow (Void. Spell. Coordination) (Recommended for Void Knight)
    Holy Arrow is changed to Corrupted Arrow. When thrown, the chance of casting Corrupted Arrow is: 20% to cause void damage.

  6. Demonic resonance (recommended for Void Knight)
    Additional Corrupted Arrows: +1/+2/+3 Gain the throwing attack tag, and no longer attack random enemies but attack locked targets, but health regeneration is reduced: 15%/30%/45%

  7. The Abyss is coming (recommended to be Void Knight)
    Corrupted Arrow has been changed to Abyssal Spear, which will be triggered when echoed. At the same time, “Future Strike” will be triggered. You will no longer have life regeneration.

Javelin specialization may be linked with other void skills
For example: hitting triggers the echo of the abyss or hitting triggers the rift

Sierpin’s Fractal Tree
Maybe it can be adjusted

plan 1 :
Cancels the penetration effect, and hitting the enemy will cause circular area damage (equal to two sections of damage)
Strength influence range (1 strength + 1% range)
Agility affects projectile attack speed (2 agility + 1% attack speed) / agility affects basic critical hit rate (4 agility + 1% basic critical hit rate)

Scenario 2 :
Cancels the penetration effect, and the stun probability (40-50%) is regarded as physical penetration
Strength affects throwing damage and mana recovery on hit (4~6 strength + 1 mana on hit)
Agility affects the number of javelin projectiles (8~10 agility + 1 javelin projectile) (conflicts with Specialized Siege Barrage)


  • Forged weapon can be summoned by throwing attacks first hit
  • Forged weapons gain armor equal to 20% of your armor
  • Forged Weapons now scale with Ring of Forged Maidens
  • Manifest armor comes with a base 50% of stats on your Helm/Body/Hand/Feet slots
  • Manifest Armor weapon passive: 33/66/100% (3/3) passive to cast Forged Strike when you directly cast Forged Strike, with a 1 second cooldown. This causes the Manifest Armor Forged Strike to sacrifice an active forged weapon.
  • Manifest upper tree focused on smelting(sacrifice) an active forged weapon to gain +% for seconds, and mana cost manipulation.
  • Manifest left side tree is all physical based passives
  • Manifest right side if all fire based passives
  • Manifest bottom tree focused on proc damage to Manifest Armor
  • Manifest Armor shield node grants: Manifest Bulwark, a melee attack, that scales with the passives from the Shield Bash tree. Also grants the shield stats to the minion, including shield procs.

Ring of Shields changed to Ring of Forged Maidens

Specific nodes in top of FG passive tree:
Misery Loves Company
Three Faces of Misery
March of the Shield Maidens

  • Misery Loves Company: You can longer directly cast Ring of Shields, each time you block you summon a Forged Maiden, 3 maiden limit. Each maiden that is out reduces the damage by 10/20/30% of all forged minion, and reduces your chance to block by 33/66/100%.
  • Three Faces of Misery: Forged Maidens cast Battle Cry of the Valkyries every 8 seconds. Battle Cry causes all Forged minions to gain 5% chance to apply a stack of shred armor for 2 seconds. Each rank(max 3) reduces the cooldown by 0.75 seconds, and increases the duration of shred stacks by 0.33 seconds.
  • March of the Forged Maidens gain 125/150/175/200/250% stats of your equipped shield. Requires 3/3 in Three Faces of Misery.

Shield Throw

  • 33/66/100% chance to convert(1:1 ignores +hammers in tree) a Forged Weapon into a Forged Hammer that scales damage from the Hammer Throw tree, and spins for 3 seconds. Conversion has a 2 second cooldown.

Forge Guard Mastery
Forge Guard gains Phalanx

  • Grants the ability to equip a spear and a shield.
  • You can not directly cast spells, triggered spell damage is reduced by 33%
  • Javelin is now a melee skill when used directly. If triggered by Lunge spear node, javelin would cast as per normal except spell damage would be reduced by 33%


  • Remove ward nodes for Forge Guard
  • Remove all potion effect nodes for Forge Guard
  • Streamline the passive tree: Melee is melee passives. Throwing is throwing passives. Minions are minion passives.

It’s late, I am tired, just throwing ideas out there.